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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Mobile Pet Shop Becomes Man’s Best Friend

Edimilson Alves Ferreira is the owner of “Pet Shop Movel”, a mobile pet shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Edimilson discovered his passion for animal care when he started working as a vet assistant in a local pet shop, which eventually led him to open his own business. Here Edimilson shares his Cashless Pioneer story with MasterCard and how accepting card payments grew his business.   


Animal care is something that I’ve been passionate about for more than 20 years. I first started in this industry as a college grad, working as a veterinary assistant at a local pet store. My love for this field only grew as years went by, leading me to take various specializations and eventually, leading me to open my own pet shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In recent years, I started noticing that more and more of our customers were using a specialized taxi service to bring their pets in for bathing and grooming, as they didn’t have time to drop them off themselves. Even though that was convenient for the customers, this was not the case for the pets, which had to spend at least six hours outside of their homes between pick-up, grooming and drop-off, causing them unnecessary stress and discomfort. At that point, I started researching mobile options and learned about special vans that are adapted for bathing and grooming services. I then decided to buy my own. And that’s how Auto Pet Movel was born! Today, we have three people working in this mobile pet shop and serve approximately 20 clients per day.

Mobile Pet Shop moves cashless!

Accepting card payments was an essential step to help my business grow, leading me to increase my sales volume by 20%. Customers appreciate the convenience of my mobile service as well as my payment options, and have become more loyal to our services as a result. Today, all my clients who contracted a monthly pet bathing plan pay for it with a credit or debit card.

Last, but most certainly not least, card payments also allow me to keep a close eye on my cash flow and have helped me better plan my future investments. This is the best way to stay organized and to keep my appointment book full every week!