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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

When in Rome, Rosetta Buns, Bicycles and MPOS are Way to Go

Alessandro Verderosa is the owner of “Zia Rosetta”, located in Rione Monti, Rome. The “Zia Rosetta” concept mixes a popular Italian bakery product, the rosetta bun and a natural and modern food philosophy. Since the beginning, electronic payments have accompanied this successful business adventure, making happy customers that look for a fast and genuine food experience when out or at home and letting the business grow thanks to new technologies. In particular, new mobile POS solutions helped Alessandro start food deliveries facilitating a more natural, smarter and faster payments experience.

Rione Monti, where “Zia Rosetta” is located, is one of the most central districts in Rome. It is a cool meeting place where locals as well as tourists frequent every day, and especially during weekends.

The inspiration for “Zia Rosetta” came from a simple  bakery tradition – the rosetta bun. At “Zia Rosetta”, in English “At Aunt Rosetta”, we prepare the typical bun in all sizes and tastes and stuff it creatively with world-class produce we love to buy at local markets every morning.

Since its opening two years ago, “Zia Rosetta” has accepted electronic payments which today make up 60% of our transactions. Card acceptance has proven really efficient and has helped attract guests to our delicacies. Our customers are very happy not to have to use cash and run to the ATM.

About a year ago, we developed the food delivery service. We chose bikes as the quickest means of delivering orders in the neighborhood, like the old-time bakers’ boys, that used to deliver bread on similar vehicles. New payments technologies like Mobile POS card readers have proven very valuable for our business. Using this technology has eliminated the burden of carrying small change and makes the payment experience fast and simple for both us and our customers.

Finally, electronic payments have made accurate book-keeping easier at Zia Rosetta’s and they are also invaluable in helping us to develop an e-commerce presence as well.

Now, when in Rome.. do come by and give the rosetta bun a try.