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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

MasterCard Partners with Dynamics to Offer Consumers Greater Choice

Throughout 2014 we heard from many consumers that they wanted more out of their payments. How can I maximize my loyalty programs? How can I get a card that helps me manage my travel better? What is MasterCard doing to help secure my payments?

This year also saw some of the biggest technology companies in the world – and a multitude of start-ups and early stage companies seek to solve these issues by creating solutions in digital payments, mobile and eCommerce.  But that left a gap in addressing innovation on the physical payment card itself – still the instrument most used for the majority of consumers’ payments.

It is for this reason MasterCard partnered with the premiere interactive card manufacturer in the world – Dynamics Inc.

Dynamics next-generation interactive payment cards are built with features such as buttons, displays and LEDs. These features have many practical applications, and will allow issuers to offer multiple consumer features and functions in one card. What is very exciting for MasterCard is that Dynamics is not just designing and prototyping these next generation cards. They have built industry-leading manufacturing facilities and are commercializing concepts to get them into consumers’ hands faster.

Dynamics’ technology will allow MasterCard issuing banks to offer consumers sophisticated yet easy-to-use cards that address the very issues that cardholders want solved: better utility from their loyalty programs; improved ways to organize travel finances; and, added layers of security.

Merchants will appreciate that every card is completely compatible with current – and future – POS terminals and with the same mobile apps and websites as they work in today.

Offering consumers many choices to pay and transact is a key priority for MasterCard, and partnering with industry leading technologists to meet the increasingly sophisticated and digital needs of consumers across the globe.