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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Travel Tip: 3 Reasons to have MasterCard on Speed Dial


The cold weather season is upon us in several parts of the world, and if you’re like me, you may be dreaming of escaping to a warm climate about now. So I’m planning a vacation to Florida during the coldest of the months here in New York and I’m hoping my flight doesn’t get delayed, I don’t catch the flu, or get stung by jellyfish while snorkeling the blue waters. Luckily, I know what do to in all of these cases.

But what if you were traveling to a country where you didn’t speak the language and became ill or had an accident?  What would you do and who would you turn to for help? Let me tell you about three MasterCard cardholders who experienced medical emergencies recently while traveling and how MasterCard helped. 

A MasterCard cardholder on holiday in Lisbon, Portugal suddenly became ill overnight and was due to fly home the next day. Not speaking the local language, the cardholder and his wife were very concerned they would not get the appropriate medical care and clearance to fly, so the wife, exhausted and stressed, called the MasterCard Concierge for assistance. Our agent reached a doctor who spoke their language and arranged a ‘home’ visit with the hotel where the cardholder and his wife were staying. The agent stayed on the phone with the cardholder’s wife to reassure her a doctor would be reaching out and within a short time, the arrangements were set and the husband received the care and clearance to return home the next day.

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A cardholder in Buenos Aires had a health issue that prevented her from standing for a long period of time. She knew the trip through the airport would be difficult, so she called the MasterCard Concierge for assistance. Our agent arranged a fast-track check-in service for her, then went above and beyond to ensure the cardholder’s comfort and arranged with the airline special treatment with priority boarding and wheelchair service at both the departure and arrival airports.

On holiday on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean, a MasterCard cardholder with his wife and  small children, suddenly felt dizzy and sick. The cardholder and his family were scheduled to fly home to Europe the next day so his wife called the MasterCard Assistance Center  to explain the situation, and request the  medical assistance they needed.  Since the cardholder had paid for their trip with their MasterCard card and had the Medical Travel Assistance and Insurance benefit, the agent was able to make arrangements with the hospital to coordinate care, medical insurance and offer flight change arrangements and cover re-booking costs. The family was relieved to have help all around with the arrangements and in the end returned home safely and in better health.

MiniBannerPlanning a winter getaway? Call our MasterCard Assistance Center from your home country to check the benefits on your card before you head out the door.