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The Masters of Code by MasterCard: Do you Have What it Takes?

How is a truly gifted Coder (as in programmer, designer, coder) distinguished today?Open API Hackathon

For thousands of years, master artisans were honored with a seal in recognition of their talent. A distinct object such as a pin or hat established their dominance in a field.

“Coders”, as we define them here, have become the world’s newest artisans. Just as master builders were essential for the creation of a business 400 years ago, Coders are needed for everything from website creation to server maintenance and developing new in-house platforms.

Yet, there is no identity seal showcasing the quality of developers, their rank amongst peers or even their trials and accomplishments.

Enter the MasterCard Masters of Code Competition. Through this intense series of hackathons we have one goal: to traverse the globe and engage the very best Coders.

Each regional hackathon will have developers, designers and entrepreneurs using the MasterCard APIs to create masterful prototypes that demonstrate artful coding and design skills, while articulating clear business cases.

Masters Of Code

The competition will be intense and the tension high, but we are looking to create a different experience for our participants. Each event will be held in one of the most thriving communities worldwide – and at the best venues. Winners from each region will be flown out for the Grand Finale Masters of Code Hackathon in Silicon Valley to experience a MasterCard Priceless Experience – Northern California. The final itself will be just like the regionals with up to ten teams from the region events and one MasterCard elite team of coders.

The winning team will be recognized as the first Masters of Code Champion and given their Masters of Code Jackets, $100,000 and many other perks.

The series kicks off in Sydney, Australia on February 7 and 8, followed by hackathons in Hong Kong and Singapore. Then it moves to the Americas for events in Brazil, Canada and The United States. Other locations include cities in England, Israel and Turkey.

So if you think you are one of the best “Coders” in the world, here is your chance to prove it! Join us at one of these events and become a true Master of Code.