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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Brazilian T-shirt Truck Moves with MPOS

Rodrigo Antonio de Carvalho is 33 years old and lives in Guarulhos, in São Paulo, Brazil. Rodrigo started designing t-shirts back in 2006, and decided to start his own mobile shop a few years later called “Jovens Ainda”, which means “still young” in Portuguese. In 2010, Carvalho started accepting electronic payments through the use of a MPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solution. Carvalho shares his Cashless Pioneers story and how card acceptance increased sales by over 40%.

I’ve been designing graphic t-shirts since 2006, but I never imagined that someday I would have my own business. Selling t-shirts used to be a side gig to supplement my income, but after I left the printing company I worked for in 2008, I decided to take advantage of a truck that my former boss gave me and start my mobile t-shirt company, as I could not afford running a brick-and-mortar business. At that time, with the help of a friend, I started my own t-shirt business called Jovens Ainda [still young], and sales took place in the truck, which we converted into a mobile t-shirt shop.

In 2010, I took over the business and felt the need to formalize it as suppliers required me to issue invoices and I had customers asking to pay by card. Once I started accepting cards with a mobile POS (point of sale) my sales increased by over 40%, which encouraged me to come up with even more designs and products.

As the mastermind behind the creation of the prints, I search for references on the Internet, TV shows, music and I am all ears to what young people -my customers- want.  Customers will often tell me what the latest buzz in social media is and they take the chance to place their orders right away. Having a formalized business that is a mobile store and being an independent manufacturer, I can make and place products in the market faster than the competition, and this translates into an advantage.

In addition to increasing sales, my average ticket has also gone up.Before, customers who spotted my truck on the street or at events would buy one t-shirt and pay in cash around $12. Now, they can pay by card, and will spend twice as much.

I intend to expand to online sales and continue selling tees in my truck at special events, without forgetting to bring my payment terminal with me!