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MasterCard Employees Keep Calm and Hack On

It’s only fitting as we gear up for our worldwide Masters of Code hackathon that we give an opportunity to our employees to participate in their own hackathon. And that’s just what we did this past week for 24 hours in our New York City Tech Hub.

From Thursday evening until Friday evening, NYC TechHub employees focused on creating minimum viable products (MVPs) during the first ever HackDay. Teams of four were tasked with using at least one MasterCard API to develop a technical solution which they then presented to a panel of three MasterCard executive judges who focused on technical achievement, business potential and evidence of user experience research and design.

The hackathon kicked off with an intense game of rock-paper-scissors to get our competitive juices flowing.

The hackathon kicked off with an intense game of rock-paper-scissors to get our competitive juices flowing.

Teams worked through the night, many participants only catching an hour or two of sleep.


There was a lot of energy and excitement between all the teams, and even when code or business models broke, teams pressed on to accomplish whatever they could.


As the time for submissions drew closer, teams began to do everything they could to ensure success.

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Finally, time was up and the HackDay demos and judging began. Solutions ranged from parking apps to fresh fruit and vegetable delivery.


If you are interested in participating in a MasterCard Hackathon,  check out the Masters of Code series and join in on creating the next generation of innovative solutions!