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Ajay Banga Hails Shared Opportunity for Action on Financial Inclusion #MWC15


Technology and mobility are increasingly core to the way many of us live our daily lives.  And it’s no surprise that the Mobile World Congress has become the global platform for all things mobile and tech.  200 countries are represented this year alone.  At the congress, our CEO spoke to the opportunity we share across countries, sectors, and industries to increase financial access for the 2.5 billion adults around the world without a bank account.

In his keynote address (Video replay available here) as part of the Mobile World Congress session entitled “Innovating for Inclusion,” MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga talked about financial inclusion, and to
the global opportunities and challenges shared by leaders in both the mobile and payments technology industries.  He framed the opportunity this way:

“because of technology – because of the roles we in this room play, we can help shape the arc of history to bend it towards financial inclusion and greater human progress.”

He addressed that opportunity by considering three key questions:

Ajay Keynote MWC• Why should we care about financial inclusion?

• What does MasterCard bring to the table?

• What lessons have we learned?

Be among the first to read his keynote address by downloading his presentation here.

In closing his remarks, Ajay noted:

“Other generations have eradicated disease, invented radio and television and yes – the telephone.  The opportunity to drive financial inclusion is unique to us and our time.”

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