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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

What’s Next: Bringing Priceless Surprises to Mobile with Kiip

Editor’s Note: At Mobile World Congress 2015, MasterCard is participating in a discussion on the future of mobile to learn more about what’s next in digital commerce. We’re hosting a “What’s Next” in mobile series on our blog, inviting others to share perspectives.

At Kiip, we take a unique approach to mobile marketing, one that builds on human emotion. We celebrate “moments”.

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We look for the moments when people are most excited, both in mobile apps and – now with the launch of our new loyalty tool, Kiip Platform – across social networks. For instance, if a consumer makes a purchase on a brand’s e-commerce app, they may receive a reward from that brand for loyal app behavior.

We built Platform because we truly believe that loyalty isn’t about incentives. A consumer shouldn’t follow a Pavlovian school of thought by participating in an activity only in order to get a reward. Instead, rewards should be serendipitously delivered for activities in which consumers naturally participate. As such, Kiip Platform enables brands, like MasterCard, to engage consumers for their existing behaviors in real-time. Users respond overwhelmingly to this method of engagement. There’s even a study to prove it.

Throughout the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to help world-class brands deliver this emotion to mobile users. But when we teamed up with MasterCard, we realized that this partnership was something more. Kiip’s core philosophy is about celebrating moments, and MasterCard seeks to connect people to Priceless possibilities. Together it’s a seamless match of company values. Kiip Platform locates consumers’ everyday wins to “surprise and delight” them in innovative ways. It enables MasterCard to continue its evolution of the Priceless campaign, from celebrating consumers’ experiences to co-creating them in real time, in a highly scalable way.

So together, we’re embarking on a new project to bring happiness to mobile.

The first phase of this project includes a new app launch: MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises app. Priceless Surprises is MasterCard’s venture into a new category of mobile loyalty. It empowers MasterCard to add excitement to everyday actions, by harnessing Kiip Platform.

For 18 years, every moment created throughout the iconic Priceless campaign has been grounded in one element: genuine human emotion. The Priceless Surprises app is the expansion of that emotion into a mobile-connected world –helping demonstrate real priceless surprises. By launching MasterCard’s timeless campaign onto a new medium, Kiip is solidifying the iconic brand’s relationship with today’s connected consumers.

Kiip is thrilled to be a part of the release, by defining what the next generation of consumer loyalty and engagement will look like, and bringing innovation to each chapter that comes after.

Our relationship with MasterCard is a prime example of how mobile-focused brands should treat consumer loyalty. It’s all about moments.