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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

MasterCard Open API is More Than Meets the Eye for Innovation

 You may think you know MasterCard, but do you really?

monsterhead API

Some relate to MasterCard only by the payment card they may have in their wallet. Those of us on the MasterCard OpenAPI team are charged (ha!) with changing that perception to one where MasterCard is a trusted technology provider that enables commerce and innovation in general.

A common question we are asked at developer events is, “Why is MasterCard here? This is a question we’re determined to replace with comments like: “I’m glad MasterCard is here! Your Local Favorites – Restaurants API is awesome!” Or: “I would really like to create an app to do … – what APIs does MasterCard have available to help me?”

On the way to changing that perception, we are already providing enabling technology to both startups and established companies. Apple Pay, for example, uses our tokenization platform– MasterCard Digital Enablement Service API (MDES) to process MasterCard transactions. MasterCard Nearby, a companion app to Apple Pay, lets consumers in the US easily find over 220,000 merchants that accept contactless payments. Recently, a premium car manufacturer used our APIs to help drivers find MasterCard ATMs (Locations API), and now we have expanded this data to include other merchant types (Places API).

The Local Favorites – Restaurants API should be particularly interesting to foodies. This API allows developers to query a specific subset of our data to see if a restaurant is a Local Favorite (one patronized by diners living nearby) or if it is a Hidden Gem (one predominately patronized by local diners).  Since this data is based on real transaction information rather than reviews, you can be sure that the current favor of a restaurant is shown – a unique feature in the POI space. For example, one could imagine a developer creating an app that tracks a restaurant’s history of being a Hidden Gem, dropping to a Local Favorite, and then not being listed as either one.

So, what do you think – do you really know MasterCard?

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