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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Business Trip Return: Dreaded Expense Reports, Reinvented

When you travel for fun, there’s the excitement of planning the trip, of taking it, and then the great memories. When you travel for business, you’re usually limited as to what you can plan, and every step along the way you’re thinking about that expense report you’ll have to do when you get back.

Surprisingly – most companies in North America still use a paper-based expense reporting system. Only 44% of companies in the region use a computerized travel expense reporting system. Surprising, because that’s valuable time and money wasted, when modern technology has the ability to streamline the process and cut down on fraud.

In this short video by Phocuswright and MasterCard, listen to Richard Crum, group head, Commercial Products talk about why you’re doing yourself a disservice by not upgrading.