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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Getting Down to Small Business: in the Know With MasterCardBiz

Editor’s Note: May 4 – May 8 is Small Business Week in the United States. MasterCard thinks about Small Businesses 52 weeks of the year and we launched the Getting Down to Small Business campaign to stimulate conversation.


Is your small business ready for EMV migration? Do you have the technology to do in-person mobile payments? Do you know about the top five mistakes made by female entrepreneurs?

These are some of the questions answered on – a resource for the small business owner. It’s full of information aimed at helping you make better decisions. Some is original content, some from business owners themselves – sharing what’s worked for them and what hasn’t. Want to know more about it? Good – it’s the topic of this week’s video in our Getting Down to Small Business campaign.

We’re always online; let us know if you have any questions — @MasterCardNews #Smallbiz