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Priceless Cities, the Summer Travel Tip You Have Been Waiting For

If you’re like me, your thinking – OMG school’s almost out and I need to book that summer vacation! What to do and where to go?  With a strong dollar in our favor, perhaps this is the summer for that European vacation (look kids – Big Ben, the Parliament!) and beyond – after all a strong dollar means cheaper vacations in many international destinations.

Priceless Cities

When we travel, we want to come back with great stories and unforgettable memories.  MasterCard knows this better than anyone – Priceless was born out of the idea that experiences matter more than things, and 18 years later MasterCard continues to bring experiences to life in new and unexpected ways. And now that many of us are putting our dollar to great ‘experience cents‘, Priceless Cities may be the summer travel tip you have been waiting for.

37 Amazing City Destinations 

Priceless Cities – from New York to London to Bali to Arabia – there are currently 37 amazing city destinations in our platform.  Many of them are among the World’s Top Global Destination Cities (in fact six of this year’s top 10 are also Priceless Cities). It is an on-line travel destination site where MasterCard cardholders (offers vary by card type) can find exclusive one-of-a-kind complementary experiences and special offers. The offerings are always updated, for instance if you look now, here are some of the opportunities you’ll find:

I could spend all day finding unique things to do, but don’t take my word, visit the site for yourself at  It’s easy and accessible from any device; from anywhere. And of course there are domestic cities to explore as well like Miami, Las Vegas, Hawaii and more. So whatever you are in the mood for – a behind the scenes tour, a cutting of the lines or sought-after tickets to a great show, I am sure you will find what you probably didn’t expect.