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MasterCard’s Identity Theft Resolution Services Offer Peace of Mind

Your wallet and your personal information belong to you and you only, so it’s no wonder that identity theft is unnerving. MasterCard knows that a balanced offense and defense are key to controlling any game, and maintaining control over your identity is no exception.

From cardholder protection updates in the U.S. to the move to chip card technology and tokenization, MasterCard is working 24/7 to prevent and detect fraud.

You may have read about a recent data breach that may have resulted in the disclosure of four million federal employees’ personal information.  The U.S. Office of Personnel Management is urging potential victims to closely monitor their financial statements. This type of monitoring can often become a full-time job, and that’s where MasterCard has stepped in.

MasterCard provides Identity Theft Resolution Services to cardholders with access to resources that will help restore their identities, and Identity Theft Alerts is a free service only offered by MasterCard to detect if your personal information (such as your credit or debit card, social security number or driver’s license) is being bought or sold online. Additionally, an Identity Theft Specialist can be assigned to work with cardholders to help check for any potential identity theft and offer expert guidance to help keep online information safe.

The digital world we live in mandates that we take responsibility for our personal information, and MasterCard’s Identity Theft Resolution services are a free and simple way to ensure your wallets – digital or physical – do not fall into the wrong hands.

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