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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Behind the Cardholder Call: Playing a Part in Popping the Question


Talk about cardholder benefits!

When a man called MasterCard customer service wanting suggestions for how to propose to his girlfriend, our concierge/travel services went into action and came up with several options. We advised him on every detail – including weather conditions.

After planning together for two weeks, he chose to take a romantic horse and carriage ride in Central Park. We booked it right away and the happy couple took in the sights of Bethesda Fountain, Cherry Hill and the famous Bow Bridge.

central parkWe don’t know exactly where, because it is a private moment after all, but somewhere along the line, our customer proposed and his girlfriend said YES!

So it was off to Lavo restaurant, which we had also booked for them. But the proposal weekend wasn’t over yet. The next day we sent them for an ice-skating package at the rink at Rockefeller Center, making for a truly memorable couple of days to show his fiancé how much she meant to him.

Sometimes we answer the phone and need to provide emergency money or connect someone with emergency medical care, and we’re happy to do that too. We’re here to help in any way we can. But this was a real treat. Being even a small part of such a big moment in people’s lives … that’s priceless.

MiniBanner There may be thousands of businesses out there that can plan and deliver what you’re looking for.  But did you know that your MasterCard card may carry this benefit for no additional fee? Give us a call to find out if your MasterCard card carries this benefit. Who knows?