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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Smarter Cities: Parking Meters Become Retail Hubs

By Bertrand Barthelemy, CEO Parkeon

As the CEO of Parkeon, the global provider of parking management and ticketing solutions for public transport, I oversee 10 million parking spaces around the world and am passionate about the potential that can be unlocked within cities by transforming traditional parking methods.

Parking is integral and valuable to cities, but our everyday interaction with it has a tendency to be one-dimensional: you park your car, go to the parking meter, pay for your ticket and go about your business. You don’t expect anything more, or less, from the experience.

Today at the International Parking Institute’s annual conference in Las Vegas, Parkeon and MasterCard are proud to announce the launch of “City Connector” which adds a unique layer to the parking process and turns parking meters into retail hubs for local businesses. We are transforming on-street parking meters into a communication channel for communities, bringing local merchants, citizens and visitors together to the benefit of all.

Through our strategic partnership with MasterCard we have embedded the MasterCard Enterprise Offers technology into Parkeon’s on-street kiosks. Combining our technologies allows local merchants to promote their services directly to prospective customers when they are nearby. The benefits are clear: merchants can drive footfall and sales from potential customers right outside their door, while customers, who can scroll through the offers presented on the parking meter screens, benefit from highly relevant deals and discounts for local shops, restaurants and experiences that can be redeemed immediately.

The first implementation of City Connector will be in Downtown Las Vegas, centered on the area’s newest retail destination, ‘the Container Park’. We’ll then aim to roll the product out more widely the US and Europe.

MasterCard and Parkeon have always shared a vision of the future where cities and urban mobility experiences are transformed by smarter payments. City Connector has put this into action. It totally reconsiders the concept of a parking meter and is symbolic of the ways in which our cities are using existing infrastructure in smarter, more innovative ways to bring multiple parties together to create more rewarding experiences for all.