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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

5 Money Tips for International Travel

Driving to work this morning I noticed the traffic was lighter than normal.  I’m not surprised since we just celebrated Fourth of July weekend in the U.S. and many people have scheduled their vacations for this time.  But whether summer or winter is your favorite time of year to travel, make sure you keep in mind something that often gets overlooked: how to pay (card obvi). When you’re planning; when you’re traveling and once you’ve arrived at your destination.

With this year’s Global Destination Cities Index out, cities around the world will be hosting tourists all year.  Especially London and Bangkok — which rank one and two. But wherever you’re going and whatever you do, don’t forget a good strategy for your money, here are our top five points to cover:

  1. Much of the world uses EMV or chip card technology, which is the most secure payment technology today.  But you have to know how to use it.  Do you?
  2. Sure, you’ve told your Facebook friends where you’re going, but have you told your bank?
  3. If you’re in danger of overspending, have you considered using a prepaid card?  Cash Passport will give you amazing flexibility if you’re planning a big multi-country trip.
  4. Do you know the best/cheapest way to get cash if you need it? Spoiler alert: we have an app for that.
  5. Get familiar with your currency conversion choices so you don’t end up paying unnecessary extra fees.

And check out this quick video for more information.