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A Binding Word: The MasterCard Developer Declaration

When an established company puts together a project like the Masters of Code series and opens its technology to everyone, it is bound to meet with some skepticism. Are the innovation and goodwill a long-term commitment or is it just a publicity stunt?

dev mani- commitment to technologyAs a technology company, MasterCard made the decision that it was integral to its successful future to support entrepreneurs and technologists in all forms and manner. To that purpose, the company has launched several programs and initiatives, including: MasterCard Labs, the rapid iteration innovation branch of MasterCard; the Start Path program for the development of the next generation of technology solutions; our Commerce.Innovated accelerator for early-stage start ups run jointly with Silicon Valley Bank; and, the MasterCard Developer Zone, to provide access to the technologies and data at MasterCard that drive global commerce.

Our CEO Ajay Banga talks about making a difference and these are not empty words. With a culture of inclusion, MasterCard is able to use its global position to make changes happen. This is true with the MasterCard Labs for Financial Inclusion in Nairobi, this is true with MasterCard position on the value of diversity and equality, this is true for the Masters of Code. At their various levels, MasterCard committed to make change to the greater benefit of society.

When our Open API team launched the Masters of Code, executive support was real. This enabled the team to move fast and push the envelope way outside the emailbox. The competition has allowed us to talk to a lot of people – partners, event attendees, and other global MasterCard employees. The external and internal support was invigorating in our quest to become the platform to power the new generation of commerce applications. And the amount and level of feedback we receive on an ongoing basis from our developer community pushes us to do even greater things.

And so, to reinforce our unwavering commitment to the developer community, we’ve taken pen to paper and published our vow for all to see. The French have a saying that illustrates this quite well: “La parole est libre mais la plume est serve”, which loosely translates to the following: “The spoken word is free but the written word is binding”

Here the MasterCard Open API team humbly presents to our developer community our words of commitment – for today and for tomorrow – our Developer Declaration.