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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Test Your Knowledge: Do You Make the Same Travel Mistake?

While the internet has revolutionized how we discover, plan and book travel, personal recommendations are still the most important planning source for many travelers.

Chances are that you know someone who’s heading off for a trip in the coming weeks. Wish them a good trip? Share the 5 money tips for international travel that we put together.

We caught up with Alejandra Rossetti, senior vice president at Sotheby’s, who travels a lot.  She’s wheels up five to seven times a year for business plus another three trips with the family.  Most of the time she’s heading to Europe and Latin America from New York.  And she spoke with me recently about which travel tips she finds most helpful. Great insight.

Alejandra Rossetti

Thanks so much for talking to me today – just curious – which of those tips do you think is most important?

Well I made sure my card had a chip, but honestly, letting my bank know ahead of time where I was going. That was a huge help. I did it four days before I left and it worked perfectly.

  • Telling your financial institution when and where you’ll be traveling reduces the chances that your real transactions will be accidentally flagged as fraud.

What about using the MasterCard Nearby App for getting cash for just the little things?

I didn’t know about that app … That’s a good thing to keep in mind for next time as I do use ATMs to withdraw some money for tips, cabs or other incidentals that I can’t use my card for.

  • This is definitely the way to go.  Local currency is the best way to pay for the little things she mentioned and ATMs are the safest way to get it. The MasterCard Nearby App has the location of millions of ATMs around the world.

If a hotel or restaurant asks you if you want your credit card charged in your home or local currency, do you know which one you would choose?

I always choose my home currency, why?

If you choose your home currency there might be a foreign transaction fee, a conversion rate fee, and additional fees from the merchant for exchanging to your home currency at the point of sale.

I never knew that! That’s great to remember.

Check out our quick video on money tips for international travel and then tell us, which one were you unaware of?

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Which Travel Tip Surprises You?

  • EMV/Chip Card readiness
  • Notify Your Financial Institution
  • MasterCard Nearby App
  • Know Your Currency Conversion
  • Prepaid/Cash Passport

For more on this, and other travel tips, check out our quick video. And don’t keep us hanging! Let us know which tip you find most helpful. Just tweet us @MasterCardNews #traveltips.