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How the Masters of Code Hackathon Series Broke New Grounds in Mexico City

Mexico City Masters of Code just concluded and it is quite fair to say that we broke many new grounds for the series. You know it’s a resounding success …

Masters of Code Mexico City

  1. When your friends in tech show up strong: Many partners decided to join this stop and were actively participating in making this event exceptional. When Sabre, Uber, Facebook, 500 start-ups, Microsoft and Telcel join forces to reach out to the developer community in Mexico, it guarantees a massive turn out of attendees.
  1. When your venue is perfecto: Telcel provided us with one of the greatest venues by housing the hackathon at the Centro Tecnologia e Innovacion and the final team pitched inside the auditorium of the Museo Soumaya. The opportunity to walk by Diego Rivera fresco was a treat for sleep deprived programmers and a good source of last minute inspiration.
  1. When passion and focus come together: The developer community in Mexico City is extremely dedicated. The vast majority decided to stay on the ground for the full event, using the chill room to rest only for a short amount of time. With more time spent coding and socializing ideas, all developers were in it to win it. 
  1. When diversity brings greatness: The various profiles of developers varied from city to city. Our Mexico stop had an average age of 25 and 16% of coders were female. This great mix of young and vibrant talent created the high energy of the event.
  1. When the grand finale goes off without a hitch: The event wrapped up nicely with the final pitch in the Museo Soumaya. The Museo exemplifies the cultural heritage of Mexico with its impressive display of Latin American artists. It was a fitting venue to honor the skills of the “Masters” and reinforce the importance MasterCard places on the developer community since in a way, developers are the artists of the apps world.
  1. When the victory dance is awesome: We couldn’t have properly concluded an Masters of Code Mariachievent in Mexico City without having the winning team announced to the sound of the Mariachis. This created the finishing touch to an action-packed event and helped developers unwind after 24 hours of intense coding.
  1. When the winning formula solves urban congestion: The winning team, Knowhere, created a solution to a problem which we have all experienced first hand. Urban transport and congestion is a daily pain in Mexico City (and any large urban area). Being able to find a parking spot when you own a car is definitely a real competition. Knowhere provided an edge to the desperate driver. The judges were seen unanimously nodding their heads.

Our next event – 7th in the series of 12 around the globe – will be in San Francisco this weekend, August 22-23, at the Impact Hub. Competitors in the San Francisco event will be challenged to focus their developments on ways to increase social good through our Simplify Commerce API, building apps aimed at improving communities via social networks and their global reach. We’re excited to see what Bay Area developers have in store for our judges!

And as a conclusion, I will echo the words of my colleague Peter van der Linden  on the Developer Zone blog section: “[The] team generally felt that events like the Masters of Code hackathon demonstrate that large successful companies recognize the fertile environment for software innovation in Latin America, and are working to encourage local software entrepreneurs.”