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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Strange Letter Has Woman Worried About Identity Theft


Fraud and identity theft is a real concern, which is why MasterCard is launching its “Take 5 to Protect Yourself” initiative in the U.S. and encourages cardholders to sign up for MasterCard ID Theft Alerts™ on the website.  It’s everything you need in one place online whether you’ve lost your wallet or you suspect something more sinister.  It complements help that we also offer over the phone — help that one cardholder recently took advantage of.

Someone 'signing on'

Someone ‘signing on’

It all started when she received a letter in the email, informing her about her application for unemployment benefits in Tallahassee — an application she hadn’t submitted.  She was immediately nervous.

There was also some suspicious activity on one of her credit cards …

What’s the first place you would turn to, to get help? Looking online for any sort of fraud or identity restoration service can be scary – so many websites pop up that it’s hard to tell sometimes what’s reputable. Sometimes the fraudsters even come to you, in phishing schemes.

Our cardholder knew who to call though – she dialed MasterCard benefits assistance and was transferred to “Rose”.

Rose knew just what to do. She helped the cardholder contact the Florida unemployment fraud office and connected her with someone who could speak in her native language. Quickly, they flagged the fraud and then gave her the appropriate steps to take with the Social Security Administration and the IRS.  She was told how to request an earnings statement and let them know about the possible identity theft.

As for the credit card … Rose helped the cardholder contact her bank to clear it up and close the account.

But that’s not where the story ends. Two months later, Rose reached out to the cardholder just to confirm that there was no fraudulent filing at the IRS and that her identity restoration was complete. Speaking with Rose by phone, she told me they do that for all their callers.

The cardholder couldn’t have been more appreciative, exclaiming, “Rose, thank you so much for all your help. You are very nice and I appreciate that. Thank you, thank you for all your help.”

Sometimes MasterCard customer service agents help after a traveler has been robbed, or plan the perfect wedding proposal. In this case, “Rose” answered the phone and guided the cardholder through what could have been a very complicated process, giving her peace of mind and a quick solution. Priceless.

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