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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

No Slacking for Hackers at Masters of Code


The Masters of Code global competition is getting fierce and the events are also reaching new heights at each stop. The series’ seventh stop around the world was Silicon Valley with a very successful event at the MissionHUB in downtown San Francisco. With Silicon Valley “hackers” recognized among the best of the best, the competition was intense. For only the second time in this global competition, the judges had to debate beyond numbers and projects to select a winning team. More importantly, with San Fran we turned the spotlight on the developers and had them tell the story of the hackathon culture so strongly rooted in Silicon Valley and speak to how an engineer’s perspective can shape the way a company works. Here’s the video of this great event as told through six participants.


There’s no rest for the developer evangelists and the next stop in their busy schedule was the Tech Crunch Disrupt SF Hackathon 2015 where MasterCard was one of the sponsors.

tech crunch disrupt SF 2015

Meet software developers (l to r) Robin Chang, Neil Ghandi, Dan Kim, and Karen Ho. These four friends are also coworkers at a San Francisco-based software company. After working all week on their employer’s software, Robin, Neil, Dan and Karen came together on the weekend to compete for the Disrupt SF 2015 hackathon prize, pitting themselves against more than 150 other teams and emerging victorious, winning three individual prizes, including the MasterCard sponsored one. The team conceived and implemented a prototype system that supports and motivates crowd-sourced top-ups for about-to-expire parking meters (for towns that permit this practice). Appropriately enough, the MasterCard prize was the opportunity to tour and drive a series of exotic automobiles. Drive on, Team Meter-beater!


Masters of Code races along to Montreal, a vibrant city with a rich multicultural weave and a striving gaming and software developer community, and the only obvious stop for the competition in Canada. Being able to operate in multiple languages and living in such a architecturally diversified city can only mean…life of hacks! We are expecting a lot from our Canadian and Quebecois hackers! This will also be a great time to practice some French, Python and Ruby, and so many other tongues… “Alors, rejoignez nous le 26 et 27 Octobre. A bientot!”