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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

So You Think You’re a Technology Company? Millennials Will be the Judge of That!

dating appsWe the millennial generation have high expectations. Growing up in a connected world where our questions are answered through a search engine, our fingerprint can be used to buy groceries, dating is managed through an app and the ETA of our ride to the next bar on a Saturday night is instantly sent to our mobile device has set our expectations pretty high for the next big thing in tech.

Not only are we the generation with the dramatic expectations but we’re also the generation with the big egos. We believe we’re the generation that can change the world and we’re on a mission to work for a technology company that has that very same objective. After recently attending a career fair at my alma mater Cornell University on behalf of MasterCard, it became crystal clear how high our expectations really are. So what are millennials really looking for when seeking employment in the tech world?

do well do good

  1. Doing Well and Doing Good.

We the Millennial generation want to be a part of a company that is taking on the world’s toughest challenges in a sustainable way and turning that sustainability into a profit.

Being a change agent matters and that’s exactly why I’m proud to say I work at MasterCard, which was recently named #11 on Fortune’s Change the World List.  For MasterCard, doing well and doing good is about financial inclusion. With two billion unbanked adults around the world, MasterCard is on a mission to help make the financial system more accessible to over 150 million people previously excluded from the global economy. Now that’s pretty freaking awesome!

  1. Go Digital or Go Home.

The digital future has arrived, so embrace it. We’re a generation that is constantly connected and we expect our environment to seamlessly and securely facilitate that connection.

millennials at mastercard

As the world moves digital, connected devices continue to play a key role in our everyday lives. MasterCard believes every connected device can become a secure commerce device. Hmm…I wonder if a talking refrigerator that restocks pints of Haagen-Dazs mint chocolate chip ice cream isn’t too much of a stretch.

  1. Think Big and Think Global.

Millennials are itching to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Working for a global company with big ideas brought to life by diverse talent teaming up across the globe is extremely attractive to our generation of curious explorers.

MasterCard is on a mission to make the global economy safer, more efficient and inclusive. To accomplish this, we’ve rallied employees from every time zone around the world to join forces under the unified belief that we can be the change agents who drive a better life. Speaking of which…I have a call with a colleague in Dubai about making the connected city of the future a reality. Be right back!