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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

MasterCard NYC Tech Hub: Location, Location, Location

You’ve likely heard a story like mine before. A small-town girl, itching for a new adventure in a big city, trades her car keys for a train pass and chases an exciting job opportunity downtown.

For me, the journey began last month at MasterCard’s NYC Tech Hub – in the heart of Manhattan’s technology industry – where I help tell our innovation story. But here’s the plot twist – at first, I wondered if our city office truly strengthens our brand’s identity as a leading technology company in the payments space.phonyczfrenzy2

In celebration of our first anniversary of moving into this new scene, I researched an answer to an age-old question – is location really everything?

I quickly learned the answer is “yes” – New York City’s Flatiron District offers a unique community for technology enthusiasts, particularly in the startup and developer space. Our presence here allows us to become more entrenched in the community’s fabric and ultimately, become a thought-leader within it. Here’s how:

  • In the spring, 60 MasterCard NYC Tech Hub employees joined the General Assembly design institution for a two-day User Experience immersion. The course focused on transforming thinkers into creators who keep consumers in mind. They learned how to better understand what users want and need, sharpening skills to design digital products that behave intuitively.
  • Ten of MasterCard’s NYC Tech Hub employees participated in Generation Tech, the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship’s summer mentorship program for high school students. They taught teens coding and business planning skills, while developing mobile applications targeting New Yorkers. One group of teens developed PhoNYC Frenzy, an app that “enables immigrants to attain post-secondary education by strengthening their English and native language skills.” They won third place at the NYC Generation Tech Demo Night competition and a $1,000 prize.
  • September kicked off our sponsorship of The NYC FinTech Meetup, a monthly gathering focused on financial technology. Budding tech fans and industry professionals alike enjoy product demonstrations and panel discussions, and our support shows that, like startups, we tirelessly explore ways to advance our company.
  • Also in the pipeline, our global Masters of Code series will make a stop in Manhattan in November. Coders, designers and entrepreneurs will use MasterCard APIs to invent prototype designs that meet business demand. We expect the ideas will be high-caliber and the competition intense, and will send winners to San Francisco to contend with regional champs from around the globe for the ultimate title.

In all, MasterCard created its NYC Tech Hub with the hopes of reaching beyond its walls to engage and grow relationships with the best and brightest in the industry. But a new address doesn’t guarantee success unless you take advantage of all it offers. We strategically created a culture that further connects New York innovators to the digital future, and we look forward to providing more opportunities that fuel their passions.

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