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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

#FI2020: How is Tech Helping to Address Poverty in Your Community?

MasterCard FI2020 Word Cloud

On the surface, financial inclusion appears to be a simple process; having access to a secure account that allows you to store and use money. But more than half of the world’s adult population still lacks this access, and those without accounts tend to be among the world’s poorest, living on just $2 a day. Tweet: How is #tech helping to address poverty in your community? Share to help advance inclusive growth #FI2020

Imagine not having the connections we take for granted: taking out a loan, having insurance, saving for a rainy day. These are opportunities most of the world’s population does not currently enjoy, that’s why we’re excited to participate in ACCION’s Center for Financial Inclusion’s FI2020 Week. We’re seeking to build momentum around addressing the most significant gaps in financial inclusion.

At MasterCard, we’re working to end our reliance on cash to help open the door to a truly global economy, and we want to hear from you: How is technology helping to address poverty in your community?

Send through a tweet, a photo, a link to an article or video, we’ll curate and amplify the most compelling submissions on our digital and social channels – true to our mission of connecting people and stakeholders around the common goal of advancing inclusive growth.