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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Tennis Square Helps You Ace Your Game With Cashless Payments

The new Greek sports temple, “Tennis Square” academy, founded by the young entrepreneurs and experienced tennis coaches Apostolis Triantis and Dimitris Filippou, is the first cashless enterprise in Greece. It is designed with the most innovative services and equipment to make payments simpler, faster and safer. Here, co-owners of the Academy, share their Cashless Pioneers adventure and their vision on how cashless life can improve business in Greece.


We founded our tennis academy in October 2011, aiming to provide premium sports training and entertainment services in the city of Athens. We wanted to invest 100% of our time in doing something we love, and that is why we work 12 hours every day offering tennis classes to kids and adults that are passionate for the sport.

Our vision for Tennis Square has always been guided by the principles of sustainability, competitiveness and innovation. We realized accepting cash harmed our business, as it made us waste a lot of time, was not secure and was not a guarantee of transparency and efficiency.

Recently, we decided to move our sports center in a new space, a modern tennis center in Maroussi, a northern suburb of Athens. A place that in the last 15 years has become the business center of Athens and a really vibrant location for new enterprises.

At the new Tennis Square Academy we decided to embrace innovation, in terms of our premises, facilities, as well as in overall operation. Such innovation is highly expressed through the adoption of cashless and contactless transactions. Abolishing cash and adopting e-payments for all transactions eliminated queues and provided more time for the customers to do what they came to do. Our customers can go cashless whether they are paying for a class, court time, shopping in our Tennis Square merchandise store, or enjoying a drink at the bar.

Since we launched in June, we have seen an increased satisfaction among our customers. People’s trust in what we do has always been and remains the most significant incentive in this effort and we need to reciprocate by offering quality service to our customers. We are really happy to be the first to offer our customers the most advanced facilities and most enjoyable cashless experience.