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A Year in Review: A Joyful Journey to Masters of Code Mastery

It’s hard to believe the Masters of Code hackathon series is finished, for 2015 that is. It was an incredible experience:

Masters of Code infographic

When we conceived of the hackathon series, the goal was to get close to and create relationships with the thriving developer communities around the world. To succeed, we knew we needed to keep developers front and center in everything we did. It also required getting the direct and extended support of our MasterCard colleagues. The effort was intense. It called for serious funds, perfect partnerships, tens of thousands of hours of planning and execution, a great loss of sleep and at times, even discouragement. But it was all worth it.

Today we have a community built by passion and commitment, and the feedback we’ve received from developers testifies to our success. From comments on our APIs, to the sharing of their struggles creating companies, to what drives them to keep trying- we bonded. Here are a few of those developer testimonies on their experience:

It was long year and every minute was worth it. We have grown our community and ties with developers and we have strengthened our resolve to chase innovation, one hack at a time.