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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Finding Your Purpose at MasterCard

What’s your power and how are you using it to make a difference?

Ambassador Melanne Verveer is on a mission to get more women to seriously consider this question so they can build more purposeful lives and careers.Melenne signing book

As a new employee, I was delighted to have the opportunity to hear the Ambassador share her insights on women’s empowerment at a special luncheon and book signing hosted by the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth this month.

Verveer has been a leading voice in the global women’s movement for nearly two decades – from her roles in the Clinton White House, to serving as the first-ever US ambassador for global women’s issues in the Obama administration, and most recently as the co-author of Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose, a new book that aims to use the stories of some of the world’s most inspiring women to guide people to discover and understand their own power no matter where they find themselves in life.

It was inspiring to learn about the journeys of the women featured in the book, from Hillary Clinton to Reshma Saujani, the lawyer who founded Girls Who Code with the goal of educating one million young women in computer science by 2020.

But the most memorable moment came when Verveer read the following excerpt from Fast Forward describing how MasterCard was acting as a “lever fmelanne with RaviREVor change” through its partnership with the government of South Africa:

“The government – in one year – registered more than 20 million citizens, opened bank accounts, distributed 10 million MasterCard debit cards, mostly to women, allowing them to access government and social subsidy programs safely, without the worry that the funds, which had been coming in cash, would be taken away or used for things unrelated to taking care of the family, women are using their purchasing power in new and powerful ways.”

As a former journalist in the midst of a career shift, I feel lucky to have landed in a place where I can find my purpose and where the notion of “doing well and doing good” is deeply engrained in the corporate ethos.

At the Center for Inclusive Growth, we’re leveraging our data, technology and human expertise to help women all around to world reach their full potential.