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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Dialing up a Dream: Giving Back with a Call to MasterCard



For the past year, we’ve been writing about the calls we get from cardholders to give you a glimpse behind the scenes at MasterCard.

We are sometimes a company that is misunderstood or underestimated ….  For instance, we are not a credit card company, in that we don’t extend lines of credit and we don’t actually issue the cards.  We are a technology company – we help you pay and get paid, whether using a card, a phone, or perhaps even a watch.

Our customer service team also helps cardholders fix a wide range of problems, no matter what it is. For instance, we are not trained to be doctors, but if you’re in desperate straits and need medical attention, our customer care agents know how to arrange emergency services for you around the world.

Earlier this year, a very unusual request came through the line:  a MasterCard World Elite cardholder called the concierge in Europe for help in starting a home for autistic children in Poland.

A good architect was already secured, as was land near a special school that the children would be able to attend.  But, the cardholder wanted a variety of expert contacts to discuss how to launch such a project successfully.

She was thrilled with the resources we provided.

Our agents arranged a meeting with the chairwoman of the Polish organization Community Foundation of Hope, as well as with people who are involved on a daily basis with autistic children, in a range of capacities.

This is a story we’d want to share with you at any time, but it’s especially meaningful during this holiday season.  Yes, our ‘job’ is to make electronic payments simple, convenient and secure.  But getting to help someone realize a selfless dream like this?  If that’s not priceless, we don’t know what is.

MiniBannerThere may be thousands of businesses out there that can plan and deliver what you’re looking for. But did you know that  your  MasterCard card may carry this benefit for no additional fee? Give us a call to find out if your MasterCard card carries this  benefit. Who knows?