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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Every Device Can Be a Commerce Device…So what? The Inside Scoop from CES 2016


From car keys, to fashion, to home appliances, MasterCard proved at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that virtually anything that’s connected can be payment-enabled.

But what’s the point? Why is MasterCard transforming everyday items into commerce devices? Why does MasterCard care if you pay with a ring or a phone or a dress?

The answer is simple. MasterCard believes in consumer choice. For the mom driving a carpool who finds herself constantly fumbling through her purse for her wallet, payment-enabled car keys make a lot of sense. For the urban fashionista who is late for her date, a payment-enabled ring to speedily pay for a taxi fits seamlessly into her fast-paced lifestyle.

And how about you? When you’re craving mint chocolate chip ice cream in the middle of the night and your freezer is as empty as the office on Christmas Eve don’t you wish you could simply order a pint directly from your refrigerator? Well, now you can.

Flickr Photo: Groceries by MasterCard

Groceries by MasterCard debuts at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

At the Consumer Electronics Show, MasterCard introduced Groceries by MasterCard, a new app which enables consumers to order groceries directly from Samsung’s new Family Hub refrigerator. As a working NYC millennial who never finds time to get to the grocery store, this is the type of connected commerce device that perfectly suits my lifestyle needs.

The point of transforming connected devices into commerce devices is not for people to use every device they own to pay for things, but instead to give them the option to pay with the device(s) that best fit their personal lifestyle.

During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, MasterCard asked Twitter users how they see themselves paying in the future. Of the 6,000 respondents, 52% see themselves paying with a digital wallet, 25% see themselves paying with connected appliances and 23% see themselves paying with wearables. I did my own investigating on the show floor to see how attendees see themselves paying in the future. To my surprise, not a single attendee had the same answer. From paying with mobile to paying with a smile, attendees had quite the creative vision for the future of payments. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable responses:

No matter the answer, all of the attendees I spoke with expressed an interest in a payment experience that requires very little thinking about the payment itself. Bottom line here is that we don’t wake up in the morning and think about what we are going to pay for today. We wake up in the morning and think that we are in desperate need of coffee, we’re running low on milk and we must see the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie. For consumers, it’s not about the payment… it’s about the experience the payment makes possible. And that is exactly why MasterCard is on a mission to eliminate the boundaries between how we shop and how we pay.

So how do you want to pay in the future? Share in the comment section below…we’d love to hear from you!

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