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Must-Have Items for Davos: Cold Weather Gear and Social Handles

Davos suitcase

Must-have items for Davos: Cold weather gear, USB drive, iPhone, business cards, briefing book, travel adapter, reading material and snacks for the plane and the MasterCard Aid demo.

For 360 days out of the year, Davos, Switzerland, is a quiet little ski village.  But for five days in late January, it is transformed into the gathering spot for over three thousand leaders from government, business, foundations, NGOs, and the media.  The walls come down and frank discussions take place on the challenges we face and the opportunities ahead for society and the world around us.

I’ve just finished packing for my third World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, and the theme this year is “Mastering the 4th Industrial Revolution.”  Just as steam powered much of the first industrial revolution, the rapid advance of technology and connectivity is transforming whole industries and our ability to include more people.

While not everyone can be in Davos, the dialogue is a global one and I hope you join in.  I’ve identified some Twitter handles, hashtags and links to get you up to speed, participate, and stay on top of the latest developments from Davos.

Twitter Handles:

  1. The first place to start is obvious – the official handles of the World Economic Forum: @WEF and @Davos. Both provide great content from the delegates and underlying studies driving the conversations.
  2. If you want to understand what is driving inclusive growth from an economist’s point of view, two veteran Davos participants worth checking out are @LauraDTyson & @Ricardo_Hausman.
  3. With the refugee crisis front of mind for so many attendees, there is a lot going on including an amazing simulation by @TweetCrossroads and conversation using #ChangeStartsHere. Also check out @HamdiUlukaya, the CEO of @Chobani, who is shining light on the private sector role on the issue.
  4. With the convergence of technology and inclusion driving the discussion this week, check out @KevinJDelaney, editor-in-chief of @Qz, who will be moderating a number of events and always brings a thoughtful eye to the conversation.
  5. There are the MasterCard executives (shameless self-promotion) who will be in Davos and are on twitter like @AnnCairns4, @ShaminaSingh, @GarryLyons and myself @Erenhouse. And of course follow @MasterCardNews and @CNTR4growth.

Useful Links:

  1. In order to help understand the overall theme of Davos, check out “5 Ways of Understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.
  2. Given the importance of data to achieve the digital transformation being discussed, and the challenges arising in pockets around the world, read McKinsey’s report “Global Flows in a Digital Age”.
  3. Two media outlets that do a fantastic job of covering Davos are Huffington Post and Reuters.
  4. Mercy Corps CEO Neal Keny-Guyer wrote an article on “4 Ways Business Can Strengthen Fragile States”.
  5. To see what MasterCard is up to at Davos, check out our Newsbrief and visit the MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth.