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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Simplifying NFC Payments: Complexity is a Barrier to Entry

Charles Dachs is Senior Director Mobile Transactions at NXP

MasterCard understands that payment technologies need to be more than just easy for consumers to use – they also need to be easy for developers and service providers to work with. If a payment technology is difficult to configure and deploy, then companies are less likely to use it as a platform.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a good example. It’s a remarkably intuitive technology to use – a simple tap is all it takes to initiatMobile Payment Inside Taxie a secure payment transaction – but NFC has presented certain challenges for developers and service providers. In particular, the process of “onboarding,” which is used to add the service credentials needed for processing payments, has involved a level of technical complexity that many have found intimidating.

This is especially true for startups and small companies, since they often don’t have the technical staff or resources needed to learn and support an intricate onboarding process. In many cases, developers have simply opted out of NFC as a platform.

The MasterCard initiative uses a new approach, called a Loader Service, which makes it much easier – and more cost-effective – to produce a secure, fully EMV-certified system that can be used anywhere in the world

The Loader Service reduces system testing, minimizes the risk of failure, and offers the highest level of data protection and encryption. Developed by NXP Semiconductors, the co-inventor of NFC, the Loader Service is available with NXP’s PN6x line of NFC modules.

By making the NFC Loader Service a part of their payment ecosystem, MasterCard is offering developers a simpler, better way to ensure security. And that means NFC is now not only easy to use, but also easy to deploy.