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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Are You a Savvy Digital Shopper?

Getting the best deal today is about a lot more than clipping a coupon and walking into a store… and that’s a good thing. Thanks to the phone in your pocket, you have endless opportunities to get the right product at the right price – quickly, securely and hassle-free. As we head into the world’s biggest mobile event, Mobile World Congress, we thought we’d pass along 6 mobile shopping trends and tips you should tap into, wherever you are.

Coupons, coupons, coupons (save, save, save!)

Woman with coupons and groceries

Whether a deal on the newest restaurant downtown or the pants you’ve been wanting for months, save as you go with apps like Groupon and Fever that notify followers about deals nearby, as well as share tailored bargains. Download the RetailMeNot app for coupon codes as you shop. Finally, save even more by earning extra cash back when you link you card with your account on other sites like

Trial Run

Woman with coupons and groceries

Commitment-phobes rejoice. Try new services like Birchbox, a monthly subscription that sends samples of beauty products to test out before you commit to a new lipstick shade, and Rent the Runway, an online service that gives you a taste of designer fashion where you can rent clothes and accessories without ever getting close to the full retail price.

Save Time with Mobile Payments


Paying with your phone is not only trendy, it’s convenient. Having a biometric-enabled payment app can get you from favorite coffee store to the subway in just minutes. Take comfort in knowing that every transaction is backed by an EMV chip and top-notch security features.

Door Delivery


Delivery to your door has never been so convenient. Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day and apps like Minibar delivery or Seamless can provide a better and faster way to shop. Whether it’s a bottle of wine or your favorite meal from the Greek restaurant down the street, order delivery that fits in with your busy schedule at the push of a button.

Digital Wallet for Daily Convenience

Woman with coupons and groceries

Nothing beats shopping on the train on your morning commute, or on the couch in between TV commercials, without the hassle of typing in your name, card number, shipping address, etc.  Information freedom at last!! And all seamless and with only a click of a button with services like MasterPass.

Inquire about Insurance


Skip the added warranty at the store. MasterCard offers its cardholders great protections for purchases. Purchase protection covers you for any lost or damaged items within 90 days of purchase, while warranty protection extends any warranty beyond the manufacturers up to 12 months. And, you never have to miss out on a deal thanks to your card’s 60 day price protection. So let’s say that hard-to-get poster is now available for a lower price, MasterCard will reimburse the difference between the new price and the price you paid, up to $250! Ask your bank what purchase protections are available in your card and spend confidently!

“Smart and savvy shopping is all about empowerment. It’s getting what you want, how and when you need it, at the best price and in the most convenient way for you,” says Anna Zanghi, Vice President of Global Credit for MasterCard. “Shoppers today have so many tools right at their fingertips – more than they probably realize. As a big digital shopper myself, I hope these tips and the products we provide every day can help people shop faster, easier and with greater peace of mind.”