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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Swipe to Pay for Your Pizza in Seconds: Mobile Revolution Goes Italian

Doug Wooten is the Head of IT at Azzurri Group 

I’m the Head of IT at Azzurri Group, and my job is to ensure that the technology at our restaurants – Zizzi, ASK Italian and Coco di Mama – ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for our customers.

Ask and Zizzi are both Italian dining concepts. Everything we do is inspired by Italy, from authentic food to the easy going atmosphere, warm service and fresh design.Pizza

We have 250 restaurants in total, and serve 14 million customers each year.  Whether we’re serving a group of workers who are in a hurry, or families dealing with demanding children, we want to make the casual dining experience as good as it can possibly be.

Great customer service is critical to us and the Qkr! app presented us with a chance to simplify the payment process.

It gives our customers an even easier way to pay at their table straight from their mobile. We loved the fact that you don’t even have to scan or swipe your phone – simply check in and pay when you’re ready and leave when you’re ready.  There’s no fuss and it’s safe and simple.

It was important for us to work with a brand that people trust, and allows us to scale up at any time as we add more restaurants to the group.

For a customer who has already downloaded the app, on arrival at the restaurant they check in to generate a code. The waiter assigns the code to our till system to link that phone to the bill. The customer can see anything they order on their phone via the app in real-time.

When you’re ready to pay, select your payment card within the app, choose how much to tip, and then input your password or thumbprint. A receipt is sent to your phone and you’re ready to leave. It’s as simple as that. You can also get a copy of the receipt eemailed to your chosen eemail address.

If you want to split the bill, it is as easy as sharing your code with those you are splitting the bill with, so they can join your table.

Customers are already excited about using the app – the feedback we’re getting is that it adds to their experience but the staff are also saying it’s saving them time and frees them up to focus on delivering excellent service and customer interaction.