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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

What you See and Don’t See that Goes into Securing Your Digital ID

This week, I spoke at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Shows like MWC enable us to see the latest technology and advancements, and offer a glimpse into the future of increased connectivity. Amid this excitement and innovation, we still need to address and overcome the immense safety and security challenges that come with the blurring of the physical and digital worlds. We have a number of critical technologies in place – from EMV to biometrics – but we are still on a journey to scale.

Ajay Bhalla Mobile World Congress PanelAt MasterCard, we are focused on enabling every device to be a secure commerce device. We believe there is a need to have the consumer at the heart of the evolution. As adoption is dependent upon their trust, this can be earned and maintained through protecting and securing them.  A key part of this is digital identity. If we can utilize intelligence and insight, we can help regulators, issuers, and retailers deliver a better business model while also improving the consumer experience. With this approach, everyone wins.

Our latest tools help us achieve this. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, I talked about the ‘”visible” technologies that consumers see and interact with, and the “invisible” technologies that operate on our network, silently and unseen. Tweet: What you see and don’t see that goes into securing your #Digital ID #MWC16 Both the visible and the invisible technologies are critical to our success in protecting everyone connected to MasterCard.

Read my post on LinkedIn to learn more about the visible and invisible ways that go into securing your digital identity including identity check / biometrics (we recently conducted a trial in the Netherlands) and the MasterCard IQ Series.