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Customer Service Reaches New Heights With Birthday Balloon Adventure


If you had a special vacation in mind, would you call anyone to help make it happen? These days people are so accustomed to using online ticket brokers which provide air and hotel accommodations that the whole notion of getting help arranging a trip has almost been forgotten. Almost. But not by MasterCard’s customer service agents, and not by a Colombian cardholder who carries MasterCard Black and wanted a special birthday trip for his wife. He called our concierge/travel services and Maribel answered the phone.

multi colored hot air balloons

multi colored hot air balloons

She listened as he told her that they were traveling to Turkey and Russia, and asked for recommendations for tourist attractions, restaurants and tours. She suggested a few things, and he thought a simple balloon ride in Cappadocia would be great. But Maribel thought she could do better.

Her supervisor says, “We always try to create a complete experience, first understanding the customer’s request, then try to really appreciate it and think, like, as if we were making it for ourselves, you know? We put all of our knowledge, tools and contacts together to make it possible.”

A private car brought the cardholder and his wife to the balloon ride, which Maribel had arranged with one of the best suppliers in our global network. And when they landed, they enjoyed lunch and wine. Truly a birthday celebration not to be forgotten, and it all started with a call to MasterCard.

MiniBannerCustomer service agents are stationed throughout the world, ready to help with whatever is called for when they pick up  the phone. From lost wallets to figuring out how to give back, our agents are ready 24/7 to offer help through our world class  network of providers.