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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

How Small Businesses Can Jump Ahead to Mobile

Mobile is redefining the customer experience. I don’t know about you, but shopping without my phone in hand has become unthinkable. I check competitor prices and pay with my phone in store. I use my phone to search for products and follow my favorites on Facebook and Instagram. I have even downloaded the apps of my favorite retailers to get better deals and one-click buys. And I’m not alone – according to eMarketer, roughly half of US digital buyers will make a transaction on their phones this year. Tweet: .@debbiebarta shares three ways #mobile technology can empower #smallbiz ->
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For small business owners, keeping up can seem daunting and expensive.

In many cases, small business owners don’t have infrastructure built up from years past to rely on. We see this as an advantage when it comes to mobile – they can be nimble and cost conscious without the worry of integration. They can sidestep more traditional technologies in three ways to create the best possible tech-enabled customer experiences:

  1. Want to extend a unique customer environment? A mobile app is relatively low cost and yet can be a powerful immersion tool. Thanks to Google’s recent announcement, small businesses can now accept Android Pay payments as well as other electronic payments right in the app using Simplify Commerce, MasterCard’s payments platform developed for small businesses.
  2. Want to forego a traditional site but offer products and payments through social media? It makes sense – since Americans check their social media accounts 17 times a day, whereas smartphone users in Thailand, Mexico and South Africa check in at least 40 times per day, per Informate Mobile Intelligence. Free social channels can be transformed into sales platforms with just a single line of code. For small business owners, this means they can move beyond amassing fans, friends and followers online to turning those “likes” into “buys.”
  3. Want to send an electronic invoice to your consumer’s eemail address right from your mobile phone? A user-friendly mobile interface gives you the power to create, send and manage eInvoices, and everything ties into your dashboard so you can manage your business in real time.

How else can mobile empower small business owners?

For small business owners willing to take the leap, the possibilities are nearly endless.