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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

The Technology That Protects Every Purchase

Every day, technology is making life easier. With this increased access and convenience, comes the need to properly balance the security of our personal information and our money.


Even as criminals look for new ways to get a hold of valuable information, we’re delivering the protections each time you use your Mastercard card. First among these, is our Zero Liability policy, which ensures you are not responsible for unauthorized transactions.

Over the past year, you’ve no doubt heard quite a bit about chip cards.  While they are reducing fraud in stores, technology like tokens – or a stand-in for your true account number – encryption and biometrics are being implemented to protect mobile and online shopping even more. Check out this clip for an update on some of these efforts.

And, then there’s the efforts you don’t see – industry-wide security standards and fraud management tools – that operate behind the scenes. All these technologies are layers of security working in tandem to protect each and every payment.

With the continual shift to digital payments, you can expect that we’ll continue to lead the way in innovation and security to stay one step ahead of criminals and keep your account – and your money – safe.