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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Be a Digital Payments Rock Star at Mobile World Congress by Reading This

I remember my first few weeks working for Mastercard. I was fresh out of college and suddenly found myself thrown into a seemingly convoluted world of payments. At twenty-two years old, the only things I knew about payments were that I had a debit card and that I was applying for a newly minted Mastercard credit card to build my credit. Who knew what went on behind the scenes to make either of those things happen?

It took books, 101 classes and many questions to colleagues to get a basic understanding of the payments space. We figured that’s happened to a lot of people whether or not they work in the world of payments and financial services. So we decided to put together a payments primer – ideal for anyone who is or wants to become a payments expert – for quick reference as many of you may be heading to Mobile World Congress.

And with the show theme this year “The Next Element” you’ll be fully prepared once you know your Periodic Table of Payments Elements.


So what are you waiting for? Print this Table or take a screenshot and bring it with you to Mobile World Congress. You just may be the one that everyone wants to talk to at the show.

Have any feedback on our elements? What would you add? We’ll be updating the table and adding new elements and interactive designs throughout the year, so tell us what you want to see.

Check back for more updates from Mobile World Congress.