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Mom’s Special Day is also a ‘Top Five’ Day for U.S. Restaurants

Moms take care of everyone – family, friends and co-workers – and they make it all look easy. One of our favorite ways to celebrate and thank mom on her special day is to take her to a restaurant. In fact, Mother’s Day is projected to be a ‘top five’ day for 2017 restaurant sales in the U.S., according to Mastercard Spending Pulse.

Quality time with our moms over shared restaurant meals showed 4 percent growth this year over last year and a whopping 30 percent sales growth from just 5 years ago, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse, which looks at U.S. retail sales across cards, cash and checks to offer detailed insight into consumer spending trends.

SpendingPulse also projects that Mother’s Day will account for approximately $500 million in incremental Sunday restaurant spend, which averages at just over $1.9 billion on other Sundays. Full service dining restaurants, including fine, casual and family dining, benefit the most from Mother’s Day spend.

“Mother’s Day will be one of the five busiest days for U.S. restaurants in 2017. We hope everyone booked reservations in advance because last minute tables are going to be hard to come by,” said Michael McNamara, SVP of SpendingPulse for Mastercard. “This mirrors a larger trend we are seeing in which, rather than getting things, consumers prefer to share experiences with loved one.”

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