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7 Travel #Tips For Your End-of-Summer Getaway

Whether a weekend road trip or an international adventure, millions of people around the globe get the travel bug each summer. And with the end of vacation season fast approaching, now is your last chance to make that dream trip you’ve been thinking of all summer.

But the smartest travelers aren’t traveling alone… They have their Mastercard handy. Not only can it save you time and money, but it offers lots of security options to keep your money safe wherever you go.

Let’s get started! Here are seven tips to make every trip even better…


  • Get smart about your benefits. Lots of cards come with rewards, benefits and insurances that can save you time and money. Because benefits vary by card issuer and card type, check with your issuer to learn about the benefits, rewards and offers that come with your card.
  • Find rewards that matter to you. Understand the rewards you get when using your card and make them count! Cash back on gas purchases would come in handy on a road trip, while cards that waive foreign transaction fees would make sense for overseas travel.
  • Use a prepaid card to save on currency exchange fees. If traveling in a foreign country, you can save on currency exchange fees by locking in a rate and can load multiple currencies for seamless use.  Plus, you’ll have a detailed record of your spending when you get home and tighter budget control of what you can and should spend while you’re there.
  • Use your chip card for maximum protection. Given their enhanced technology, chip cards protect your account information from fraud and are more secure than cash or a regular card. Make sure you set up a PIN before traveling in Europe and Asia, as many retailers will require it.
  • Get amazing travel experiences. Did you know that Mastercard cardholders can access exclusive travel experiences and offers through Priceless Cities? In 45 cities around the world, you can gain access to exclusive experiences, such as a one-on-one session with a personal shopper and fashion designer in Paris or witnessing a medieval battle at the Toronto Castle.
  • Sign up for spend alerts. This will help you keep track of what you spend—and let you quickly discover any purchases you didn’t actually make so you can alert your bank of fraud. Your bank can send you texts, emails or whatever works best for you.
  • Don’t fuss if you lose your luggage. There’s nothing fun about lost luggage or missed flights, and nothing beats fast and generous compensation to help you through a tight spot. Check to see if your card offers protection that reimburses you for replacing essential items in your baggage.

Looking for a card that can help you maximize your travel budget while ensuring the best security? Take a look at what card fits your dream getaway the best.

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