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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

It’s Time to ENGAGE with all our Digital Partners

Who could have imagined, just a few years back, that you’d be able to pay with your mobile phone, your watch, or your fitness device? Well, today you can – and if you fast forward a couple more years, we’re likely to see many more of these. At Mastercard we like to think of it as enabling commerce for every device. But how do we get there?

You may remember a previous blog post about our Digital Vendor Program – a community of vendors serving issuers around the globe to help them bring to market their Masterpass digital wallets and tokenize payment credentials in an easy and quick manner. This program generated significant interest from both vendors and issuers as well as other companies interested in digital payments solutions. That’s why we’re now introducing a new broader program: Mastercard Engage.

Capturing the meal with smartphone in cafe

In keeping with our digital strategy and ever growing ecosystem, Mastercard Engage builds upon the Digital Vendor Program to also serve the needs of merchants and manufacturers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As we move forward, the new Mastercard Engage program will incorporate a wider set of Mastercard digital payment solutions including our tokenization engine MDES, Masterpass, Mastercard Send and Qkr, as well as information on mPOS providers. Mastercard Engage will help our customers and other interested parties identify technology partners that can help them translate their digital payments agenda into reality and bring their digital solutions to market easily and quickly. Mastercard Engage will also provide our partners with access to documentation on our solutions, specifications, and licenses, as well as training materials and notification on product updates.

Mastercard Engage is already live and available to our customers and others. You can find it here.