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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Earnings Review: Staying Focused, Staying Strong

This morning, we hosted a conference call where we shared Mastercard’s financial results for our third quarter. We continued the momentum of our strong second quarter into the third quarter, once again delivering double-digit growth in revenue and earnings per share.

Our call reinforced what many of you may have heard at our recent investor day event. Combined, these events provide a good view of our business – the strategy we’ve set for the company and the products and programs that are delivering on those goals. And, if you’ve joined us at the investor meeting or recent industry shows, you’ve also had the opportunity to experience some of the technologies that are just being brought to market.

Today, I’ll highlight a few of these innovations and areas of focus:

Security – Last quarter, I shared a view of how recent acquisitions are helping us to continue to deliver greater peace of mind to our cardholders and customers. Since that time, we have introduced new services to continue to deliver on that promise. We recently launched the Early Detection System, a predictive tool that adds to the existing fraud management efforts of our issuers. Early Detection combines external data and insights to inform what action the issuer would consider taking – from monitoring accounts and transactions to putting a hold on the account.

Our new Mastercard Consumer Control service will provide cardholders one view of where they have stored their account details for a faster checkout – from digital wallets to online merchant to recurring bills and subscriptions. ConsumerControl

Masterpass – We continue to invest in the platform, as Masterpass is delivering on our digital by default strategy. Today, Masterpass is live in 39 markets, including the recent launch in Mexico, allowing consumers to make fast, simple, secured transactions on any device and every channel, whether in-store, online or in-app. We’re adding a number of new merchants, including Verizon Wireless, Home Shopping Network, TGI Fridays, Avon and Carrefour.

Partnerships – I usually take time in this blog to talk about how we’re adding value to the operations and offerings of our customers. We also apply these products and services to support NGOs and make a difference in local communities.  We will support our long-standing partners at the American Red Cross beyond powering donations. We will activate Mastercard Send to enable them to provide real-time disbursements to personal debit cards for emergency response relief in Texas and Florida.

These events, like the upcoming holidays, give us a moment to pause and reflect. Even as we do so, we will continue to drive against our goals for 2017. These activities are creating a solid foundation to begin the new year on the right foot. We will continue to share updates like these in the coming months.