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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Fortune Favors the Bold

The world’s relationship with money is changing.

It’s not just that one could go days in most of Scandinavia without seeing, touching or thinking about the local currency. Or that stock markets seem to be reaching new heights while GDPs remain fairly flat. It’s that the way we think about money—about its role in our lives and what it can do for us—is shifting. Radically.

That’s where Fortune Favors the Bold comes in. It’s a podcast created jointly by Mastercard storylab and Gimlet Creative, and it’s all about the unique and changing role money plays in our lives—and about what happens when we take risks, take control, and redefine our relationship with it.

This is not your parents’ show about money matters. We won’t be talking about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your money. In fact, we’re more interested in sharing stories about the people and organizations who took one look at the ever-growing list of conflicting “shoulds” and decided to take a sharp turn to the left—then started writing their own rules.

Writer/editor/public speaker/doyenne of tough topics Ashley C. Ford is our host. Over the course of our first season she’ll take on the future of work through the lens of the gig economy. She’ll also help us explore our shifting sense of just what marks “success” in our lives—and how money has become more of a means to a different end, rather than the end goal itself. Together, we’ll talk to companies who are defining what it means to do well by doing good, as well as to some of the people who want to invest in them. We’ll look at how digital identities are the single most important key to accessing the digital economy—no matter where in the world you live. We’ll even take a peek at how the cashless future is already unfolding before our eyes and what our financial lives will look like before we know it.

The future of money is coming. Are you ready for it?

Fortune Favors the Bold’s first episode lands on podcast platforms January 16, but you can subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you like to listen.

Storylab is Mastercard’s in-house content studio including a talented team of writers, filmmakers, producers and editors who create content, partner with publishers, and leverage partnerships to help communicate meaningful stories to people.