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Fortune Favors the Bold: The Next American Dream

The American dream is changing. How we define “making it” is not the same as it was even 30 years ago.

Consider this: I come from a family of goat shepherds. My grandmother and her siblings grew up on a farm. Years later, she left Greece for America with her husband, three children (my mom on the way), $150 and the dream of a better life for her children. That was their American dream.

For my mom and my aunts and uncles, the American dream was about going to college, about being able to struggle less than their parents had. Things fell into place easier for them. They started their own businesses, they bought homes, they raised children of their own who went to college. That was the American dream of my parents. It’s their definition of a successful life.

What’s mine? Well, that’s a work in progress. I’m working full-time, going to grad school and am excited about those prospects. The American dream is something that literally moved my grandparents, it strongly influenced the lives of my parents and the decisions they made, but for me I’m not sure it still exists.

So then how do we define a successful life? This is what Fortune Favors the Bold’s second episode, “The Next American Dream” asks. Is it still about the house and sending your kids to college? Or is it about finding meaning and purpose? Does it matter if the dream’s not even “American” at all?

Fortune Favors the Bold, Mastercard storylab’s branded podcast with Gimlet creative, takes a look at the unique and changing role money plays in our lives—from how we earn it, to how we spend it and what “value” it brings to our lives. You can find “the Next American Dream” and other episodes on all major platforms including Apple PodcastsGoogle Play MusicStitcher and wherever else you listen to podcasts.

Take a listen and let us know your dream. How do you define success?

The Next American Dream