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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

Fortune Favors the Bold: The Business Case for Doing Good

Not long ago, as I calculated my move to a full-time career, I kept a close eye on the company names that popped up in my job search. Companies that were making the world a better place were at the top of my list—and finding them took extra work. There were so many opportunities that would have offered interesting projects and great benefits, but I couldn’t square my values and beliefs with how they do business.

“Doing good” has been more than just a feel-good concept for me—I’ve benefited from seeking out a progressive company. In May of last year, I came out as transgender and made my social transition at work. I was met with more support than I could have imagined, and knowing the experiences of many people in similar situations to me, that could have easily not been the case.

The third episode of our branded podcast, Fortune Favors the Bold, shows I’m not alone in my search for companies placing purpose alongside profits. Consumers are increasingly buying from, or boycotting, brands due to their values. Nearly two out of three people around the world base their purchases off a brands’ political or social values. And smart companies have already taken note, making “doing good” a part of their culture and their way of doing work.

In “The Business Case for Doing Good” we’ll look at how a wildly successful businessman found a way to build the company’s values right into its business obligations—in the form of the first Public Benefit Corporation. We’ll also talk to a leading business whisperer who teaches CEOs how to get onboard with doing good—and wrap their heads around how it will also help them do well.

Fortune Favors the Bold is Mastercard storylab’s branded podcast with Gimlet Creative, taking a look into the unique and changing role money plays in our lives. You can find “The Business Case for Doing Good” and other episodes on all major platforms including Apple PodcastsGoogle Play MusicStitcher and wherever else you listen to podcasts.