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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

2018 Is Set To Be A Very Digital Holiday…But Do You Know Which Card You’re Paying With?

The stage is set for this holiday season to be one for the records, with ecommerce sales alone forecasted to be up 104 percent compared to five years ago, according to Mastercard Spending Pulse.  With this, it’s no surprise that this holiday will see the trend toward digital payments continue as consumers look for the most convenient ways to check off their holiday to-do lists.

And in the search for convenience, many of us store our payment cards with the online merchants and digital wallets we use most often. Yet, 60 percent of Americans are unable to name all the places where their card information currently lives online.Shared-Mode-selector-iPhone-8-FIX

As more and more people continue to store or link cards to everything from online retailers to smartwatches and even voice assistants in the name of a more convenient checkout experience, Mastercard is working hard to provide transparency and control.

Through its digital branding requirements, Mastercard addresses how and when digital entities need to present Mastercard branding – whether that be in-app, browser, contactless, voice-enabled devices, or QR experiences – with the intent of providing consumers with transparency and certainty of the Mastercard credential being used.

It’s a simple reminder at checkout of the card that is stored in that device or with that merchant so consumers can click with confidence.

So when you are hopping into a Lyft ride this season to celebrate with friends, rest assured knowing that you’ll be presented with the preferred Mastercard card you stored on file, ensuring you can use the card that you want to pay with.

This Mastercard branding provides reassurance, confidence, and a little more peace of mind during a busy season so that you can focus on what matters most.