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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

EZ-Link Launches a World-First in NFC

EZ-Link has made it happen – turning handsets into personal top-up devices. If I may proudly add, it’s a first-in-the-world innovation, a contribution by the EZ-Link team to advance Singapore in the global NFC playing field.

Nicholas Lee, CEO, EZ-Link Pte Ltd, giving his address at the launch of My EZ-Link Mobile
Nicholas Lee, CEO, EZ-Link Pte Ltd, giving his address at the launch of My EZ-Link Mobile

We have named it My EZ-Link Mobile, an Android app that allows topping up of ez-link cards on the go, securely and quickly, with credit or debit cards. An app like this may seem to fulfill a basic function, but it is very often the simple things in life that matter in our fast-paced world, isn’t it?

With this app, consumers can enjoy topping up their cards anywhere and everywhere; continue to stick to established ways of topping up by visiting ticket offices at MRT stations, 7-Eleven convenience stores, DBS/POSB ATMs and SingPost offices; or go for automatic top-ups (from their Credit or Debit cards) via EZ-Reload. All these options ensure that consumers will always have value in their ez-link card, and use for public transport, at more than 30,000 retail points island-wide, including payments for road tolls (Electronic Road Pricing) and car parking.

What makes My EZ-Link Mobile exciting is also not just its fruition, but a validation of the feasibility of NFC and how close Singapore is to a future where everything is done off the phone. It’s a checkpoint cleared by EZ-Link on our journey towards making the whole Singapore cashless, and we will press on to open up many more possibilities.

While it is difficult to dethrone cash as the mode of payment for certain transactions and with specific demographics, step by step, function by function, point by point, EZ-Link, together with our cashless-advocating partners such as MasterCard and Wirecard, is doing it, to deliver new benefits to people and businesses alike with the ez-link card.

Our dream is for everyone to have portable ez-link transaction devices and for cashless to reign as the payment mode of choice in Singapore. We are getting there. Are you with us?

Industry partners at the launch of My EZ-Link Mobile

Industry partners at the launch of My EZ-Link Mobile
From L to R:
Nicholas Lee, CEO, EZ-Link Pte Ltd
Lim Swee Cheang, Director/CEO, Institute of Systems Science, NUS. Director, EZ-Link Pte Ltd
Harry Lee, Managing Director, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd
Wahab Yusoff, Vice President & Managing Director, South Asia, McAfee. Director, EZ-Link Pte Ltd
Vicky Bindra, President, Asia/Pacific and Global Accounts, MasterCard
Jan Marsalek, COO, WireCard AG


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