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Beyond the Transaction: Every Transaction Has a Story

MasterCard Concierge: Going the Extra Mile Around the World


Imagine having a personal concierge service 24/7, providing you with access to top of the line help whenever and wherever you need it, no matter how big or small the problem. It’d be like having your own personal assistant around the clock. That’s exactly what MasterCard’s premium card holders have access to.

It could be for something relatively minor, such as help with finding the right restaurant and making reservations, sourcing and purchasing theatre tickets, finding chauffeurs and taxis, even vacation-planning assistance.

Or it can be for something much bigger, such as planning a marriage proposal, or making up for a daughter’s forgotten birthday. Sometimes, it’s help in a real emergency.

There are many examples that showcase the teamwork and customer focus of MasterCard Concierge Services, which offers an array of assistance; ranging from perhaps what a travel agency might offer, to that which your personal assistant might provide, and they routinely help out cardholders who are on the road and in a jam, no matter big or small.

Some recent examples where cardholders had reached out for Concierge Services and had their romantic, quirky or dire requests well taken care of:

  • A cardholder who was travelling for business realized he had forgotten his teenage daughter’s birthday, which was the next day. MasterCard Concierge Services arranged for his daughter and her friends to fly to an island resort for a birthday party. The concierge team organized the entire celebration right down to the cake.
  • In what appeared to be a straightforward request for an airport transfer turned complicated when the Concierge team searching for the flight number discovered the cardholder’s airline had gone bankrupt and therefore cancelled his flight. The cardholder was unaware of the airline situation but through the Concierge team’s quick thinking was able to buy another ticket and save his trip.
  • A cardholder bought airline tickets, and two days before he was due to arrive at his destination, decided he would propose to his girlfriend while on the trip. He reached out to Concierge Services to assist him with a restaurant booking. The team not only arranged a special dinner for the evening, but with the cardholder’s permission, suggested some proposal ideas, which led to a private helicopter tour prior to dinner.
  • A cardholder wanted to send a Happy Birthday video message recorded by different people in their mother tongues and in their home countries. Our Concierge team who received the request assisted in being a part of the video by recording the message in different languages and dressed in national costumes against a backdrop of iconic landmarks.

These are just some of the stories about MasterCard’s impeccable Concierge Services, one of the benefits and exclusive services of premium card membership.

What is your story? Have you ever reached out with a request to our Concierge Services?

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