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Top Travel Tech for a Hassle-Free Holiday

Travel and TechA recent survey by MasterCard found that Asia Pacific consumers are seasoned travelers with close to 50% having travelled for international leisure trips and nearly three-quarters having made a domestic leisure trip.

With the holiday season at full steam ahead, a new generation of mobile apps and websites geared towards the savvy traveler can help plan memorable vacations and make life easier while on the road.

Here’s a guide to help you …

  1. Find an ATM. Ever find yourself in desperate need of cash but don’t know your way around in a remote area or in a big, new city? MasterCard’s Global ATM Locator allows you to find ATMs country by country – you just type in the address where you’re at and you’ll know where to go.
  2. Remember your flight details. Keeping such details in check is never easy. WorldMate lets business travelers plan, book and manage travel details combined with travel itineraries and meetings.
  3. Book your accommodations. Airbnb connects tourists with rooms for hire in homes around the world. Read the MasterCard Lonely Planet Travel Guide to keep you inspired and to ensure you have everything you’ll need to organize your finances while you’re at it.
  4. Pack your luggage. Always forgetting to pack important items? Packing Pro lets users create customized lists to plan what to bring for every type of trip; lists can be synced over iCloud and shared via eemail. A baby-friendly version would be Baby Pack and Go.
  5. Get directions. No data roaming? TripAdvisor’s Offline City Guides is a free mobile city guide stored in an app – it doesn’t require an internet connection, so no racking up huge data charges.
  6. Book a cab. Can’t find a cab? Ride-flagging services like GrabTaxi and Easy Taxi are just the solution, enabling you to flag a cab easily.
  7. Break the language barrier. Have Lonely Planet’s Fast Talk phrasebook app and Google Translate handy to help you break through language barriers.
  8. Sleep soundly. Trouble sleeping in a strange bed? SleepSounds HQ provides customized, soothing sounds to help you nod off. The sounds range from nature including a Himalayan stream, and deep forest showers, to household sounds like a tumbling clothes dryer, and city sounds.

Happy travelling!

/Some of the apps are free, while others come at a small cost.

This article first appeared in Travel Weekly Asia on 16 November 2014.

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